Brilliant, as the word suggests, is a new range of Trespex sheets created by TRE CI for new precious designs, thanks to their glittering brightness.
A thin coat of bright glitters, whether in strands, thin or thick powder, is embedded in single or double layers and shines like stardust spread on the sea bed, changing with its many hues: smooth clear resin looks like crystal clear waters, whereas a special processing with sand blasted, pyramid, ice crushed and inner-ice crushed coating gives it the look of a choppy sea. Also, countless colour effects against a night-time background of black, gold and silver suggest a dreamlike atmosphere, and rainbow colours of green, white, blue, purple, pink, red and amber hint at the natural elements. Brilliant Trespex evokes a daring flight on the wings of imagination, driven forward by the winds of magic, as if spellbound.
Plates of any thickness are available; standard products are up to 20 mm, but customized plates of higher thickness can also be manufactured upon request to meet your demands.
This unique material is extremely valuable, due to the extreme precision and the utmost care required throughout the manufacturing process, which proves the excellent quality of TRE CI products.